Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition | Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition | Clinton County, Michigan
The Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has a special focus on the prevention of drugs, tobacco and alcohol use by youth in and around Clinton County, Michigan.
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Welcome to Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. Our Coalition has a special focus on the prevention of drugs, tobacco and alcohol use by youth. Our goal is to provide our youth and local community with prevention information and use comprehensive strategies to reduce drug use and prevent substance abuse-related diseases and death. We achieve our goal through the engagement and support of “Protective Factors” that help young people resist risky behaviors in our schools and community.

CSAPC Members

Our goal is to reach youth about the dangers of substance abuse before the drugs do. Teenagers don’t like to be lectured about what they can or cannot do. Thus, we empower our youth by directing them to have a voice. We provide them with the facts that allow them to make an informed decision on their own to remain drug-free and promote drug free living to others.


Drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, are easily available to children and adolescents. Parents have a major impact on their children’s decision to not use drugs. Our goal is to provide prevention information and resources to help parents get the conversation started or how to find help if they discover their child or loved on is in need of substance abuse counseling or techniques to stop.



We envision a community that is free of alcohol, drugs, and other forms of abuse. And that vision is beautiful. To succeed, we not only work with the youth of our community, but also with local law enforcement to check the compliance levels of local alcohol and tobacco vendors – Raising in our communities the awareness of dangers presented by underage drinking and tobacco use – Maintaining and supporting our community prevention standards.


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