Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition | Emerging Drug Trends | Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition works to prevent and stop emerging drug trends in and around Clinton County, Michigan.
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Our Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has a special focus on the prevention of drug, chemical, tobacco or alcohol use by youth, and in supporting “Protective Factors” that help young people resist risky behaviors in our schools and our communities. This includes staying on the forefront of emerging drug trends so we can eliminate any opportunity for them to enter our county.


Dripping is the newest trend and is a twist on typical vaping. Users drop the liquid from an e-cigarette directly on hot coils to generate stronger sensations and flavors. The dripping generates much higher temperatures, leading to a greater emission of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acetone. Those chemicals are known to cause cancer and other diseases. According to a study published by the Journal of Pediatrics, at least one in four teenagers have tried the trend.

Drug Emerging Trends


Flakka, is a new, cheap synthetic cathinone drug that was originally popular in Florida, but has since made its way into Michigan. Flakka (also commonly called Gravel or Alpha- PVP) is sold in the form of white crystals and looks similar to bath salts. Users can eat, snort, inject or vaporize Flakka in a e-cigarette device. Due to the quick absorption into the bloodstream, users who use Flakka are at a high risk for overdosing. Side effects include hyper-stimulation, paranoia, rapid increase in body temperature, hallucinations and violent outbursts. Effects from using can last several hours or up to 2 days.